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January 5-8, 2012, in Seattle

Vice-President/Program Chair Holly Laird ( ) has submitted the program for our session at MLA:

50 years after the Lady Chatterley Trial:  Lawrence and

Revisiting issues of censorship and obscenity.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.




12th International Lawrence Conference

Wed., June 29 –Sunday, July 3, 2011
Sydney, Australia


D. H. Lawrence: Colonial, Modernist and Postcolonial Perspectives

When Lawrence arrived in Sydney in 1922, two decades after Federation, Australia was consciously redefining its relation to its colonial past and imagining new nationalist futures, as Lawrence recognized in Kangaroo.


Conference organizers invited papers in all genres of Lawrence's writing, biography, or experience of Australia.  The program included panels exploring Lawrence's literary responses to music and as well as his influence on composers, musicians, painters, filmmakers, and other artists in Australia and elsewhere.




Call for Papers--Joyce & Lawrence

Call for Papers for an edited essay collection addressing areas of congruence between James Joyce and D. H. Lawrence. The collection will look beyond the more traditionally observed differences between these two modernist writers, and will draw new parallels between their works, aesthetics, and lives. Contributors should submit a full-length text (20-25 pp) with a CV to ( ) by Wednesday, June 1, 2011. Proposals should be new work and previously unpublished. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Treatments of religion
• Exile and outcast
• Sexuality
• Genre
• Italian influences
• Colonial experience
• Homosexuals and homosexuality
• Portrayal and treatment of women
• Portrayal of education institutions
• Depiction of masculine Identity and scripts
• Publication in literary magazines
• Treatments of the politics of Empire
• Censorship & obscenity trials
• On reading each other
• Autobiography
• The fringes of taboo
• The Everyman
• Animal imagery
• Sterility

Please direct inquiries and submissions to --  Deadline June 1, 2011.




Los Angeles, CA  (Jan. 6-9, 2011)



Lawrence Session:  “Queering Lawrence,” featuring speakers Merrill Cole (Western Illinois Univ.), Bret Keeling (Northeastern Univ.), and Jen Mitchell (Graduate Center, City Univ. of New York). 
Business Meeting Luncheon:  Held at Rock'N Fish L.A. Live:

The Annual Lawrence Dinner will be held at an Italian restaurant within walking distance of all MLA convention hotels:

Maria's Downtown Los Angeles  




Philadelphia (Dec. 27-30, 2009)


Panel One:  Lawrence's Short Stories
Description:   any story or combination of stories, and any approach, including but not limited to biographical, textual, deconstructionist, feminist, Marxist, eco-critical, linguistic, new historicist, or gender studies. 

Panel Two:  Lawrence's Circle 

Description:   any person, event, relationship, Rananim-like community, social network, or cultural movement that was important to the Lawrences. 




San Francisco 2008


Session 1:  Masculinities in Lawrence
Models of masculinity implicit or explicit in Lawrence's work. Considerations of tensions and evolution in the models are encouraged.

Session 2:  D. H. Lawrence and Violence

Topics may include physical, emotional, verbal, spiritual, political, or other violence and the interplay among them.






Chicago 2007


D. H. Lawrence Sessions

1. Lawrence and Film:

"French Kiss:  Lady Chatterley by Pascale Ferran (2005)" by Corinne Francois-Deneve

"Lawrence's 'Water-Party' and Ken Russell's:  The Power of Film Adaptation" by Earl Ingersoll

"Lost Girls, Lost Boys, and Movie Stars:  Reconsidering Lawrence on Film" by Nancy Paxton


2. Fascism, Eugenics, and DHL:


"Fascism, the Female Body, and Race in D.H. Lawrence's Kangaroo" by Jorgette Mauzerall

"'White men had had a soul, and lost it':  Blood and Power in the Plumed Serpent" by Theresa Mae Thompson

"Lawrence, Eugenics, and the Historical Twister" by Pradyumna Chauhan



D.H. Lawrence Review