"There is the organic connection, like leaves that belong to a tree. . . ."
  (DHL, Poems, 615)

The Lawrence Internet Community

The D.H. Lawrence Society of North America site


The D.H. Lawrence Society of Australia

The University of Nottingham "D.H. Lawrence Resources"


Eastwood resident, Gavin Gillespie's Lawrence page with excellent local photos

A concise D.H. Lawrence bibliography

A hypertext version of Studies in Classic American Literature

A page featuring Lawrence's paintings

"An Enjoyable Christmas: A Prelude," by Jessie Chambers [D.H. Lawrence]

D.H. Lawrence and the Guysers, by Peter Millington

The two above pages from Traditional Drama Forum No.8, the Traditional Drama Research Group site, NATCECT, University of Sheffield, England: www.folkplay.info

A life in pictures: Lawrence's paintings contain all the raw sexuality promised by his writings, and their nudity duly threw the establishment into turmoil, says Jonathan Jones (The Guardian, 8 Nov. 2003)

Librivox has audio-files of the following Lawrence poems:

The English Review Archive:  Features complete issues from many of the early volumes including Lawrence's early poetry and short story publications ("A Still Afternoon" V3 #12, & "Goose Fair" V4 #15).  Volume 1 also contains H.G. Wells' novel in 4 parts Tono-Bungay:  A Romance of Commerce, which Lawrence raved over in several letters where he calls it "a great book."  To Blanche Jennings (March 6, 1909) he writes: 

"Now I have just finished Wells' Tono-Bungay--in the English Review.  Do you take the Review--if not, then you ought.  At any rate, you must, must read Tono Bungay. . . . It is the best novel Wells has written--it is the best novel I have read for--oh, how long?  But it makes me so sad.  If you knew what a weight of sadness Wells pours into your heart as you read him--Oh, Mon Dieu!  He is a terrible pessimist  But, Weh mir, he is, on the whole, so true."  (LI, 119/CUP 1979)



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