"I think I might be, in some sort, a psychic physician--not doing anything direct, but merely as a presence."  (Lawrence to Cynthia Asquith, January 1918)


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Richard A. Kaye, Editor



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Daniel Hengel


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  • Ron Granofsky
    (Book Reviews)

  • Lee Jenkins

  • Laurence Steven

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  • Keith Cushman

  • Louis K. Greiff

  • Earl G. Ingersoll

  • Dennis Jackson

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Eleanor H. Green


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  • Aaron Botwick

  • Eugene Slepov

  • Aaron Hammes

  • Sean Nortz

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Robert Caserio, Pennsylvania State University

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Simon Fraser University

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Sandra Gilbert, University of California, Davis

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Earl Ingersoll, SUNY, Brockport

Mara Kalnins, University of Cambridge

Holly A. Laird, University of Tulsa

Stefania Michelucci, University of Genoa, Italy

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Weldon Thornton, University of North Carolina

John Worthen, University of Nottingham

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