Table of Contents for Volume 41.1


Cover Illustration:  The Town of Gargnano, Italy, where the 13th International D.H. Lawrence Conference was held in June of 2014.



  • Neil Roberts
    Jessie Chambers, Frieda Lawrence and the Rewriting of Sons and Lovers

  • Candis Bond
    Embodied Love:  D.H. Lawrence, Modernity, and Pregnancy

  • Garry Watson
    Where (In What Company) Does Lawrence Belong?

  • Julianne Newmark
    D.H. Lawrence and Networks of American Literary Criticism

  • Mark Taylor
    Henri Bergson's Creative Evolution and the Interaction between Humankind and the Environment in D.H. Lawrence's Australian Fiction

  • Jack Stewart
    Lawrence's Ecological Vision in Nottinghamshire and Tuscany



  • Peter Balbert.  D.H. Lawrence and the Marriage Matrix:  Intertextual Adventures in Conflict, Renewal, and Transcendence.  (Joyce Wexler)

  • Takeo Iida.  D.H. Lawrence as Anti-rationalist:  Mysticism, Animism, and Cosmic Life in His Works.  (Keith Cushman)

  • Saburo Kuramochi.  The Four Trials of Lady Chatterley and Other Essays on D.H. Lawrence.  (Keith Cushman)

  • James Moran.  The Theatre of D.H. Lawrence:  Dramatic Modernist and Theatrical Innovator.  (Keith Cushman)

  • Jason Mark Ward.  The Forgotten Film Adaptations of D.H. Lawrence's Short Stories.  (Jill Franks)

  • Robert Darroch.  D.H. Lawrence's 99 Days in Australia, 2 vols. 
    Volume 1:  "The Quest for Cooley":  The Search for the Truth about "Kangaroo":  D.H. Lawrence's Novel of Australia.
    Volume 2:  The Silvery Freedom . . . and the Horrible Paws.  (Joseph Davis)


  • Judith Harcourt Ryder Cowan (at age 85)

Editors:  Paul Poplawski & Eleanor H. Green



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