Table of Contents for Volume 40.2  (2015)


Cover Illustration:  J.D. Fergusson created the cover-art for the March 1913 issue of Rhythm, containing Lawrence's review "The Georgian Renaissance."  Use authorized by Manuscripts and Special Collections, University of Nottingham.



  • Christopher Pollnitz
    Using the Cambridge Poems and Auditing Lawrence's Sacred Dramas

  • Annalise Grice
    "That'll help perhaps to advertise me":  Lawrence's "The Georgian Renaissance" Review in Rhythm

  • Bethan Jones
    Pivotal Poems:  Turning Back to Lawrence's Bay

  • Elise Brault-Dreux
    A Praying Poetic "I"

  • Dawid W. de Villiers
    "Shadow of All Things":  Oceanic Alterity in the Poetry of D.H. Lawrence

  • Nak-chung Paik
    Lawrencean Buddhism?  An Attempt at a Literal Reading of "The Ship of Death"

  • Sandra M. Gilbert
    Darkness at Dawn:  From "Bavarian Gentians" to "Aubade"

  • Holly A. Laird
    Bibliography of Scholarship on the Poetry of D.H. Lawrence


Editor:  Holly A. Laird



D.H. Lawrence Review