Table of Contents for Volume 38.2  (2013)


Cover Illustration:  This issue features articles that discuss James Joyce, Charlotte Mew, and A.S. Byatt in relation to D.H. Lawrence



  • Earl Ingersoll
    D.H. Lawrence and James Joyce:  The Odd Couple of Literary Modernism

  • Jack Stewart
    Lawrence through the Lens of A.S. Byatt:  The Shadow of the Sun and The Virgin in the Garden

  • Crispian Neill
    "The incident . . . is spoiled inevitable in the telling":  Language-Games and Narrative Identity in Charlotte Mew and D.H. Lawrence

  • Nancy Paxton
    Reimaging Melodrama:  The Virgin and the Gypsy and the Consequence of Mourning

  • John Lowe
    Looking Over Darroch's Shoulder



  • D.H. Lawrence, The Poems, Ed. Christopher Pollnitz.  (Keith Cushman)

  • Nick Ceramella, ed., Lake Garda:  Gateway to D.H. Lawrence's Voyage to the Sun.  (Jack Stewart)

  • John Worthen, Experiments:  Lectures on Lawrence.  (Keith Cushman)

  • Masami Nakabayashi, The Rhetoric of the Unselfconscious in D.H. Lawrence:  Verbalizing the Non-Verbal in the Lady Chatterley Novels.  (Lawrence Steven)

  • Nicholas Royle, Veering:  A Theory of Literature.  (Virginia Hyde)

  • David Ellis, Memoirs of a Leavisite:  The Decline and Fall of Cambridge English.  (Keith Cushman)

  • Patrick R. Query, Ritual and the Idea of Europe in Interwar Writing.  (Andrew Keese)

  • Janet Wilson, Gerri Kimber, and Susan Reid, eds., Katherine Mansfield and Literary Modernism.  (Elise Brault-Dreux)



  • Keith Sagar  (at age 79)

  • James T. Boulton  (at age 89)

  • Gerald Doherty  (at age 84)

  • L.D. Clark  (at age 91)

  • Donald K. Gutierrez  (at age 81)


Editor:  Eleanor H. Green



D.H. Lawrence Review