Table of Contents for Volume 30.3 (2002)

Cover Illustration:  D.H. Lawrence, From a drawing by H.A. Perry, by H.A. Perry.  This illustration originally appeared in The Bookman, Vol. LXXVII, no. 463 (April 1930):  23.



5 From the Editor

7 Jad Smith | Völkisch Organicism and the Use of Primitivism in Lawrence's The Plumed Serpent

25 Robert Burden | Parody, Stylization, and Dialogics: a Bakhtinian Reading of The Lost Girl

43 John Worthen | Lawrence or Not? The Letter Fragments of H.D. and E.T.

53 Carl Behm | Lorenzo in Naples: The Eighth International D.H. Lawrence Conference

57 Keith Cushman | Lawrentiana


79 Note to Contributors


Editor:  William M. Harrison





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