Table of Contents for Volume 30.2 (2002)

Cover Illustration:  Contadini.  1928.  Oil painting (signed D.H.L.).  16 x 13 inches.  Whereabouts unknown.  Model may be Pietro Degli Innocenti, according to Stefania Michelucci (see DHLR 30.1, 48-49).


ARTICLES:  (A DHLR Special Issue)

John Turner

D.H. Lawrence in the Wilkinson Diaries



Nora Stovel

Review of D.H. Lawrence (Edited by Hans-Wilhelm Schwarze and John Worthen),

The Plays


Ben Stoltzfus

Review of Earl G. Ingersol,

D.H. Lawrence, Desire, and Narrative


Nicole Velebni-Tartera

Review of Bridget Dunseith,

Jessie Chambers--D.H. Lawrence's Princess:  A Biography


James C. Cowan

Review of Stephen P. Clifford,

Beyond the Heroic "I":  Reading Lawrence, Hemingway, and "Masculinity"


Paul Gleason

Review of Ben Knights,

Writing Masculinities:  Male Narratives in Twentieth-Century Fiction


Joyce Wexler

Review of Michael North,

Reading 1922:  A Return to the Scene of the Modern


Keith Cushman

Review of Monika Faber,

Divas and Lovers:  The Erotic Art of Studio Manasse'




Bibhu Padhi

Yet Another Wish for D.H. Lawrence


Tina Ferris

When the Ripe Peach Falls


Editor:  William M. Harrison




D.H. Lawrence Review