Table of Contents for Vol. 30.1 (2001)

Cover Illustration:  "Barefooted and with War-Scarred Flag:  But Proud in the Knowledge of Duty Done and Victory to Come:  'Belgium' in the Right-to-Serve Procession of Many Thousands of Women."  Cover picture from the Illustrated London News 24 July 1915 (No. 3979, Vol. CXLVII, pg. 97).


ARTICLES:  (Three on The Lost Girl)

Michael L. Ross

Losing the Old National Hat: Lawrence's The Lost Girl

H.M. Daleski

The Encoding of The Lost Girl

Jill Franks

Myth and Biography in Where Angels Fear to Tread and The Lost Girl

Stefania Michelucci

The Peasants of the Villa Mirenda




Virginia Hyde

Review of Takeo Iida, ed.,

The Reception of D.H. Lawrence Around the World


Judith Ruderman

Review of Barbara Ann Schapiro,

D.H. Lawrence and the Paradoxes of Psychic Life


Peter Preston

Review of Geoff Dyer,

Out of Sheer Rage:  Wrestling with D.H. Lawrence


Stefania Michelucci

Review of Sheila Taylor,

On the Trail of the Phoenix:  An Adventure and a Meditation


Carl Behm

Review of Doug Geardsley and Al Purdy,

No One Else is Lawrence!:  A Dozen of D.H. Lawrence's Best Poems


Khani Begum

Review of Diane Richard-Allerdyce,

Anais Nin and the Remaking of Self:  Gender, Modernism, and Narrative Identity


Sheila Lahiri Choudhury

Review of Louis L. Martz,

Many Gods and Many Voices:  The Role of the Prophet in English and American Modernism


Martin Kearney

Review R.B. Kershner,

The Twentieth-Century Novel:  An Introduction


Christian Moraru

Review of Sam Whimster,

Max Weber and the Culture of Anarchy


Joseph Rosenblum

Review of Jay A. Gerzman,

Bookleggers and Smuthounds:  The Trade in Erotica, 1920-1940



Editor:  William M. Harrison




D.H. Lawrence Review