Table of Contents for Volume 21.1 (1989)





Ed Jewinski

The Phallus in D.H. Lawrence and Jacques Lacan


Laura Fasick

Female Power, Male Comradeship, and the Rejection of the Female in Lawrence's Twilight in Italy, Sea and Sardinia, and Etruscan Places


Daniel J. Schneider

Richard Jefferies and D.H. Lawrence's "Story of My Heart"


John Worthen

New Materials in the Biography of D.H. Lawrence--II:  Catalogue of the Papers of Louie Burrows Relating to D.H. Lawrence





Angeles De La Concha

D.H. Lawrence in Spanish:  A Checklist of Works By and About Him





Lydia Blanchard

Review of D.H. Lawrence,

Memoir of Maurice Magnus (ed. Keith Cushman)


Michael Squires

Review of Derek Britton,

"Lady Chatterley":  The Making of the Novel


Judith Ruderman

Review of P.T. Whelan,

D.H. Lawrence:  Myth and Metaphysic in "The Rainbow" and "Women in Love"


Jeffrey Meyers

Review of C.J. Stevens,

Lawrence at Tregerthen


Langdon Elsbree

Review of Douglas A. Mackey,

D.H. Lawrence:  The Poet Who Was Not Wrong


Janice Hubbard Harris

Review of Harold Bloom,

D.H. Lawrence:  Modern Critical Views


L.D. Clark

Review of Jeffrey Meyers, ed.,

The Legacy of D.H. Lawrence:  New Essays


Jack F. Stewart

Review of Colin Milton,

Lawrence and Neitzsche:  A Study in Influence


Lawrence Gamache

Review of Barbara Miliaras,

Pillar of Fire:  The Mythological Foundations of D.H. Lawrence's Sexual Philosophy


Joan D. Peters

Review of Geoffrey Harvey,

"Sons and Lovers" (The Critics Debate)


James C. Cowan

Review of Marko Modiano,

Domestic Disharmony and Industrialization in D.H. Lawrence's Early Fiction


Rae Rosenthal

Review of W.M. Verhoeven,

D.H. Lawrence's Duality Concept:  Its Development in the Novels of the Early and Major Phase


James B. Sipple

Review of Donald Gutierrez,

Subject-Object Relations in Wordsworth and Lawrence


Robert Kiely

Review of John Orr,

The Making of the Twentieth-Century Novel:  Lawrence, Joyce, Faulkner and Beyond


Bonnie Kime Scott

Review of William R. Thickstun,

Visionary Closure in the Modern Novel


H.M. Daleski

Review of Hugh Kenner,

A Sinking Island:  The Modern English Writers


Daniel R. Schwarz

Review of Margery Sabin,

The Dialect of the Tribe:  Speech and Community in Modern Fiction


Kathleen Verduin

Review of Marjorie Reeves and Warwick Gould,

Joachim of Fiore and the Myth of the Eternal Evangel in the Nineteenth Century


Bruce Clarke

Review of Gregory Woods,

Articulate Flesh:  Male Homo-Eroticism and Modern Poetry



Editor:  Dennis Jackson


Table of Contents for Volume 21.2 (1989)





Margaret Storch

The Lacerated Male:  Ambivalent Images of Women in The White Peacock


Judith Arcana

I Remember Mama:  Mother-Blaming in Sons and Lovers Criticism


Paul Delany

Sons and Lovers:  The Morel Marriage as a War of Position





David Ellis

Lawrence in Australia:  The Darroch Controversy


James B. Scott

The Norton Distortion:  A Dangerous Typo in "The Rocking-Horse Winner"





Charles Rossman

The Cambridge Rainbow


G.B. Crump

Lawrence's Rainbow and Russell's Rainbow


Howard Harper

The BBC Television Serialization of The Rainbow





Marilyn May

Review of Jay Clayton,

Romantic Vision and the Novel


Ronald G. Walker

Review of Peter J. Casagrande,

Hardy's Influence on the Modern Novel


James B. Sipple

Review of Dennis Jackson and Fleda Brown Jackson, eds.,

Critical Essays on D.H. Lawrence


Craig White

Review of W.J. Keith

Regions of the Imagination:  The Development of British Rural Fiction





Charles Rossman

A Metacommentary on the Rhetoric of Reviewing the Reviewers:

Paul Eggert on the New Editions of Ulysses and Women in Love


Charles L. Ross

Editorial Principles in the Penguin and Cambridge Editions of Women in Love:

A Reply to Paul Eggert





Dennis Jackson





Editor:  Dennis Jackson



Table of Contents for Volume 21.3 (1989)







Stanley Renner

Sexuality and the Unconscious:  Psychosexual Drama and Conflict in The Fox


P.T. Whelan

The Hunting Metaphor in The Fox and Other Works


Carol Siegel

Virginia Woolf's and Katherine Mansfield's Responses to D.H. Lawrence's Fiction





Emile Delavenay

Early Approaches to D.H. Lawrence: 

Records of Meetings with Frieda Lawrence, Havelock Ellis, Barbara Low, Ada Lawrence-Clarke, and William Hopkin





Rae Rosenthal

Checklist of D.H. Lawrence Criticism and Scholarship, 1988





Jeffrey Meyers

Review of D.H. Lawrence (ed. James T. Boulton & Lindeth Vasey),

The Letters of D.H. Lawrence:  Volume V:  1924-27


James C. Cowan

Review of D.H. Lawrence (ed. L.D. Clark),

The Plumed Serpent


Alan Golding

Review of Holly A. Laird,

Self and Sequence:  The Poetry of D.H. Lawrence


Holly Laird

Review of M.J. Lockwood,

A Study of the Poems of D.H. Lawrence:  Thinking in Poetry


Charles L. Ross

Review of Gerald J. Butler,

This is Carbon:  A Defense of D.H. Lawrence's "The Rainbow" Against His Admirers


Charles Rossman

Review of Gamini Salgado and G.K. Das, eds.,

The Spirit of D.H. Lawrence:  Centenary Studies


Barbara Miliaras

Review of Jungmai Kim,

Themes and Techniques in the Novellas of D.H. Lawrence


George W. Bahlke

Review of Lawrence B. Gamache & Ian S. MacNiven, eds.,

The Modernists:  Studies in a Literary Phenomenon:  Essays in Honor of Harry T. Moore


Karl Henzy

Review of Douglas Tallack, ed.k

Literary Theory at Work:  Three Texts



Editor:  Dennis Jackson




D.H. Lawrence Review