Table of Contents for Volume 20.1 (1988)






Joan D. Peters

The Living and the Dead:  Lawrence's Theory of the Novel and the Structure of Lady Chatterley's Lover


Elizabeth A. Campbell

Metonymy and Character:  Sons and Lovers and the Metaphysic of Self





Daniel J. Schneider

Lawrence's Debt to Zelia Nuttall:  Additional Information


Robert Darroch

More on Lawrence in Australia


Martin Jarrett-Kerr, C.R.

The Demise of Father Tiverton


Charles L. Ross

"Let Him Be Killed" or "Let Him Not Be Killed":  A Reply to Wallace G. Kay


Takeo Iida

Lawrence's 21 April 1917 Letter to Robert Nichols





Paul A. Wood

Up at the Front:  A Teacher's Learning Experience with Lawrence's Sexual Politics





Yasuichiro Ohashi and Hirokazu Yoshimura

A Checklist of D.H. Lawrence Articles in Japan, 1976-1985





Martin Jarrett-Kerr, C.R.

Review of Ross C. Murfin,

"Sons and Lovers":  A Novel of Division and Desire


John Haegert

Review of Diane S. Bonds,

Language and the Self in D.H. Lawrence


Randy Brandes

Review of Christopher Heywood, ed.

D.H. Lawrence:  New Studies


Diane S. Bonds

Review of Peter Faulkner, ed.

The English Modernist Reader, 1910-1930


Roch C. Smith

Review of Wesley A. Kort,

Modern Fiction and Human Time:  A Study in Narrative and Belief


Beverly Wall

Review of Matthew J. Bruccoli,

The Fortunes of Mitchell Kennerley, Bookman


Brad Howard

Review of Nora Lavrin,

D.H. Lawrence:  Nottingham Connections

and of Anthony L. Lehman,

D.H. Lawrence, Idella Purnell and "Palms"





Dennis Jackson





Editor:  Dennis Jackson


Table of Contents for Volume 20.2 (1988)




ARTICLES:  (Special Issue--Mr. Noon)


Dennis Jackson & Lydia Blanchard

Mr. Noon's Critical Reception 1984-1988


Michael Black

Gilbert Noon, D.H. Lawrence, and the Gentle Reader


Lindeth Vasey & John Worthen

Mr. Noon / Mr. Noon


Philip Sicker

Surgery for the Novel:  Lawrence's Mr. Noon and the "Gentle Reader"


Maria Aline Ferreira

Mr. Noon:  The Reader in the Text


Lydia Blanchard

D.H. Lawrence and His "Gentle Reader":  The New Audience of Mr. Noon


Peter Balbert

Silver Spoon to Devil's Fork:  Diana Trilling and the Sexual Ethics of Mr. Noon


Paul Delany

'Mr. Noon and Modern Paganism



Editor:  Dennis Jackson




D.H. Lawrence Review