"I like Italian newspapers because they say what they mean, and not merely what is most convenient to say.  We call it naiveté--I call it manliness" (DHL, SS 170).

DHLR Updates

This page contains a list of all updates and new additions to the DHLR website, comments from the editor regarding publication schedules, as well as other announcements of interest to Lawrentians.


*   March 2013:  The DHLR website gets a bit of a facelift this month to streamline the pages for better display on smaller screens.

*   February 2013:  Please note prices have been adjusted on back-issues to keep in line with postal rates.

*   February 2012:  Volume 36.2 was a bit delayed due to a switch in the printing process but is in the mail.  Please remember to renew your subscriptions.  The DHLR is now a biannual publication.

*   January 2012:  Panel topics for the 2013 MLA in Boston (Jan. 3-6) are posted on the Calls page.

*   November 2011:   D.H. Lawrence Society of Korea is producing a special issue of D.H. Lawrence Studies following the Sydney conference and focusing not only on Lawrence's Australian period but also other Lawrence related topics.  And conference information is up about MLA  

*   February 2011:  For your convenience, online payment via PayPal is now available for ordering Back Issues of the DHLR.  Also, the book review editor has a new mailing address.  Please use the following for submitting books for review in the DHLR:

Ron Granofsky

66 Pine Crescent

Toronto, Ontario

Canada  M4E 1L4

*   January 2011:  Registration is open for the 12th International D.H. Lawrence Conference in Sydney, Australia (June 29-July 3, 2011).  Other conference related information is also posted on this page such as hotel accommodations.  If you are interested in attending, please check it out soon as the rates go up after March 1st.  The call for papers has been extended again--the deadline is now February 10, 2011.

*   November 2010:  The D.H. Lawrence Society of North America now has a redesigned website and a domain name of dhlsna.com.  Information about the MLA Lawrence session (Jan. 8, 2011) in L.A. has been posted.  The 12th International D.H. Lawrence Conference has extended the deadline for paper proposals from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, 2010.  Also, a call for papers has been posted requesting essays for a collection on Lawrence and James Joyce.

*   October 2010:  Call for Papers has been posted for the 12th International D.H. Lawrence Conference in Sydney, Australia (June 29-July 3, 2011).  Other conference information will be posted at the DHLSNA conference website as it becomes available.   

*   July 2010: 
Added some new references to the Links page including Librivox.org audio-files, The English Review Archive, and Keith Sagar's website with two downloadable Lawrence essays.  Also, this Lawrence Ranch Fundraiser announcement comes courtesy of Virginia Hyde:


An important fund drive is underway in Taos to raise vitally needed funds for the preservation of the ranch buildings.  The D. H. Lawrence Society of North America submitted the successful nomination of the Lawrence Ranch to the National Register of Historic Places, and we continue to follow and support such activities for it.  Leaders in this initiative of the Taos Community Foundation include Art Bachrach (MobyDickens), Bob Atiyeh (Mabel Dodge Luhan House), and Karen Young (MDL House).  In cooperation with the University of New Mexico.  Contributions should be sent here:
        Taos Community Foundation
        P. O. Box 1925
        Taos, NM  87571
Checks should be designated for "D. H. Lawrence Ranch Preservation Project."


*   March 2010:
My apologies to Firefox browsers.  This website was created using Frontpage, and therefore has some compatibility issues with browsers other than Internet Explorer.  Please be patient as I work out these glitches.

February 2009:
Information regarding the 2009 MLA Conference "Call for Papers" is up on the Calls webpage.  The conference will be held in Philadelphia on December 27-30.

January 2009: 
The cover illustration and table of contents for Volumes 32-33 are now displayed in the archive.

October 2008:
The DHLR has published a combined issue (Volumes 32-33) to catch up the backlog of articles, and editor Eleanor Green is "actively seeking submissions on topics related to Lawrence, his work, his associations, his era, or his relationship to other writers.  We would like to put out as many issues of the DHLR as possible as quickly as possible; hence, we are hungry for scholarly work of high caliber."

September 2007 - January 2008:
D.H. Lawrence Review
website gets updated with a redesign.  Hope everyone likes the new look!  Please be patient as we work out any glitches.  Feel free to email me (Tina Ferris) regarding any problems or suggestions for the site.

End of August 2007:
Volume 31.3 is finally published after a long hiatus and reorganization.  Eleanor Green, the new editor, intends to "put out large single-volume issues for the next several years, publishing two volumes a year until we are finally caught up."  Submissions are once again encouraged, as well as subscriptions, to help keep the journal viable.

24 November 2004:
We are behind schedule. Volume 31.2 was our most recently published issue. 31.3 is forthcoming. We appreciate your patience.



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