Current Issue (Vol. 41.2)


Cover Illustration:  Artwork adapted from the dust-jacket for Thomas Seltzer's first American trade edition of Women in Love, published on October 18, 1922.


Richard A. Kaye
Lawrence and Psychoanalytic Theory
Editor's Corner


  • Seolji Han
    The Ethics of Melancholic Subjectivity in Sons and Lovers

  • Ronald Granofsky
    Uncanny Encounters and the Paradox of Lawrentian Attachment in The Rainbow

  • Demetria DeLia
    Bridled Rage:  Pre-Oedipal Theory and "The Rocking Horse Winner"

  • Jennifer Mitchell
    Cruelty, Subjectivity, and Masochistic Possibility in The Rainbow

  • Francisco La Rubia-Prado
    Alchemical Horse:  The Art of Transformation in St. Mawr

  • John Horrocks
    Vivo Sempre:  Lawrence, Jung, and the Natcha-Kee-Tarawas in The Lost Girl

  • Misook Kang
    Lawrence and Lacan on "The Transformation of Hamlet"



Editor:  Richard Kaye

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