"I like so much the proud instinct which makes a living creature distinguish itself from its background.  I hate the rabbity khaki protection-colouration.  A black-and-white peasant on his pony, only a dot in the distance beyond the foliage, still flashes and dominates the landscape.  Ha-ha! proud mankind!  There you ride!" (DHL, SS 85-6).

Conferences and Calls for Papers

January 3-6, 2013 in Boston

President-Elect/Program Chair Holly Laird ( holly-laird@utulsa.edu ) has submitted the program for our session at MLA:

1. Beyond Fiction: Other Genres in D. H. Lawrence's Works

This panel invites papers on genre issues in D. H. Lawrence's works.  How do different genres interact across his career?  What pressure do Lawrence's poems, nonfiction, and plays put on conventional generic forms?  250-word abstracts or 15-minute papers; and bio by 10 March 2012; holly-laird@utulsa.edu
2. Modernism and D. H. Lawrence
How are modernist studies expanding the boundaries of the ways we approach Lawrence.  E.g., such expansions might juxtapose Lawrence with other writers, align him with the sciences of the time, reconsider his contributions to twentieth-century  thought. 250-word abstracts or 15-minute papers; and bio by 10 March 2012; holly-laird@utulsa.edu

Deadline: March 10, 2012



“Joyce and Lawrence”

 Call for Papers for a joint International James Joyce Foundation and the D.H. Lawrence Society of North America panel for the 2013 MLA in Boston.

While Joyce and Lawrence are generally considered the bookends of modernism, this panel seeks papers addressing areas of congruence between the two writers. Proposals are encouraged to look beyond the more traditionally observed differences between these two modernist writers and draw on new parallels between their works, aesthetics, and lives. Topics may include, but are not limited to the following:
        portrayal of educational institutions;
        the fringes of taboo;
        animal imagery;
        the Everyman;
        articulations of social sterility;
        and the environment.

Deadline is March 3, 2012. Please send 250 word abstracts or 15 minute papers to BOTH: anne.fogarty@ucd.ie and holly-laird@utulsa.edu.



41st Annual Louisville Conference
 on Literature and Culture since 1900


DHLSNA Call for Proposals

The D.H. Lawrence Society of North America will sponsor a panel at the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900, held at the University of Louisville on February 21-23, 2013. We welcome proposals on any aspect of D.H. Lawrence’s work. Proposals/abstracts for 20 minute papers, not exceeding 250 words, should include “Conference Proposal” in the subject heading and be emailed to Pamela Wright, at kupkw000@tamuk.edu.  Please include institutional affiliation and contact details. The deadline for proposals is August 31, 2012.

For more information, please contact the panel chair, Pamela Wright:  kupkw000@tamuk.edu


13th International D. H. Lawrence Conference
Gargnano, Italy, 23-27 June 2014

 D. H. Lawrence: New Life, New Utterance, New Perspectives

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2013
To: Academic Program Director, Jill Franks ( franksj@apsu.edu )
and Co-Executive Director, Simonetta de Filippis (simonettadefilippis@libero.it)

Send your 250- word abstract and title on any topic regarding Lawrence's works,  life, friends and milieu, though conference-themed papers are especially welcome.  Papers should last for no longer than twenty minutes and  please note that abstracts of accepted papers will be published in the conference program.  The International Program Committee will review all submissions in October and  November 2013 and acceptances (or other feedback) will be issued by early December 2013.  Please send a copy to both email addresses listed above. 


 The conference title is intentionally broad so as to encourage papers addressing  not only the general creative stimulus to Lawrence of his first experience of Europe, and in particular of his period in Gargnano with Frieda,  but also the newness of Lawrence scholarship that utilizes current theory and interdisciplinary directions. Additionally, we  especially encourage papers on Italian themes and on topics relating to translation.  Papers might address any of the following:  

        Lawrence’s time in Gargnano

        New directions in Lawrence studies

        Lawrence as translator of Italian works

        Translations of Lawrence into Italian

        Publishing Lawrence in ItalyTranslations of Lawrence into other languages

        Lawrence and Europe

        Specific works/genres associated with the Gargnano and Fiascherino periods, 1912–1914, e.g.:

        Twilight in Italy and related Italian essays

        Sons and Lovers

        Mr. Noon

        The Sisters

        The Fight for Barbara

        The Daughter-in-Law

        The Prussian Officer stories

        Poetic development towards Look! We Have Come Through

        Biographies of Lawrence and his circle related to the period

        Lawrence on the eve of World War I

        Italy and World War I

        Broader literary and historical contexts of the period and region (e.g., early Modernism; Italian Futurism; writers and Italian regionalism;  literature and writers of the Italian Lakes/  southern Alps ...)

        Comparison of the Lawrences’ sojourns in Gargnano, Fiascherino, Firenze and Taormina

         Creative engagements with Lawrence (original work or reflections on that of others)

For more information, contact:  Academic Program Director, Jill Franks (franksj@apsu.edu)


Past Conferences/Papers


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